What is 50/50/25?

An equal Behobia - San Sebastián in 2025

It is an implementation of strategies based around equality, with a challenge for the 2025th edition: That the Behobia-SS be an equal race.

The C.D Fortuna, organizer of the Behobia - San Sebastian has proposed a challenge that goes beyond just the number itself, since the intention is to carry out actions in favour of the social change required for the objective to become a reality.


Why are we doing it?

Because other major races in the world have achieved it. Besides that, in the Behobia txiki 44% of the participants are girls while in the adult Behobia is just 24%.

There are no physical or legal barriers preventing women's participation. There are, however, some cultural and social factors that feed on gender stereotypes and discriminate women in sports. Through this initiative, we want to understand this, learn, reflect, and help transform it.

How will we do it?

Un plan de trabajo de 7 años

A strategic process will be carried out over the next 7 years. Each year we will work in depth on a topic linked to sport and gender (for example, the use of leisure time, concepts of competitiveness and sportmanship, the benefits of physical activity for health and so on) Looking at these issues we will analyse the factors effecting the Behobia- San Sebastián and then we will propose certain actions that involve all those concerned (participants in the race, institutions, sponsors, organization, and volunteers).

We are convinced that if young women and girls have real role models they will imitate them. And for that reason it is necessary them to see women of all ages running, training and racing.

If in 2025 the percentage of men and women crossing the finish line is similar, it will mean that we have reached our goal.

If with the work we do over the next 7 years we manage to stimulate the change needed for women to take part in our and other sporting events in equal numbers with men (both in participation and organization) our success will be complete.

How Do I participate in the project?